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Combo set of includes:🔹30kg dumbbell-barbell set🔹EZ curl bar ==Dumbbell/Barbell set==Specifications (30KG)2 dumbbell handles4 weight securing knobs1 barbell connecting bar (35cm long)High quality PVC coated cement weight plates: 4x3kg + 4x2.5kg+ 4x1.25kg weight platesFree shipping included (Singapore)Also available in: 20kg40kg ==Chrome Curl Bar==1.2m Ezcurl bar with chrome collar screwsSuitable for use with standard weight plates (2.5cm diameter)Weighs approximately 5kgAccording to many experts, the EZcurl bar is better than a straight bar because the way you grip it puts both your wrists and elbows in a more natural position than a straight bar.   How To Purchase:Add to cart and complete paymentYou will be contacted by courier for delivery scheduled within 5-10 business days

30KG Dumbbell-Barbell EZ curl bar combo

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