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  • Brand: Sgdumbbell
  • Features:
  • 1. Safe and high quality: Pull up assist bands are made of natural latex which is durable and built to last
  • 2. Your healthy assistant: Great for and improving mobility of your muscle, maximize your exercise performance and help you complete many difficult postures
  • 3. Multi-function: Building strength and workout your whole body, perfect for men and women learning pull ups, chin ups, stretching, power training
  • 4. Different level resistance: Each band with different color has a different level of resistance, they range from 15-175lbs, the amount of resistance of the workout bands resistance can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band. enough for different tension sports and people of different weight. please choose the appropriate stretch range according to your weight and sport level
  • 5. Easy for you to carry it around, so you can do exercise anywhere and anytime according to your time and mood.
  • Red: 208cm*1.3cm*0.45cm (15-25LBS)
  • Black: 208cm*2.1cm*0.45cm (50-75LBS)
  • Purple: 208cm*3.2cm*0.45cm (100-120LBS)
  • Green: 208cm*4.5cm*0.45cm (120-175LBS)
  • Free normal mail is included in the price stated 

Pull up assist resistance bands

S$25.00 Regular Price
S$16.90Sale Price